Monday, March 10, 2008

Hello World/Making Anonymous Illegal?

On the Digital Front Online
by Jeremy Johnson

Hey everyone, thought I'd mention that I'll be adding a little bit of bonus content online to help spruce up the blog. So I thought I'd offer a quick thought on some postings that caught my attention as I go through the news - maybe even make it as a part of my opinion in my usual On the Digital Front column pieces. Who knows?

The latest news story comes from jungle of the Kentucky Legislature. This story probably comes from the department of 'I don't know what an internet is' but I could be mistaking it from the 'wishful thinking' department. Either way, some crazy thinks that they can somehow make anonymous online postings illegal and somehow make that law enforceable. Of course, if you know a thing or two about the internet (and the first Ammendment to the US Constitution for that matter), this law is just completely messed up from the beginning to end.

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