Friday, March 7, 2008

Could we choose a worse time to be environmental?

by Haakon Sullivan

As you all well know people have been paying more and more attention to the "plight of humankind" which is our tendency to spew out pollutants into our environment. Trying our best to fix this is all well and good but why does the timing have to be so terrible?

With the United States going into recession and about 80% of our exports going to them, our economy can start to see a major slowdown really soon. So, with jobs threatened and financial security at risk, I can completely understand why people get upset when more and more people are talking about creating environmental reforms that will tax people further for their production of greenhouse gases.

Since environmental laws are associated with taxes to people and industry, it becomes harder and harder for governments to accept these laws because of the cost to the economy at a time where every cost hits harder than usual.

You can see why I have to say that the BC Liberals have helped the environment with their new gas tax but at a cost that no one can afford right now. Sure BC may reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a new low level buying the world a few extra weeks, but do British Columbians really want to see a cost of living increase as their wallets get lighter?

It's good to have a clean environment, but at times like these we can't be rich and clean at the same time. Hopefully our governments and voters can see this and make the right choice.

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